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Welcome to the official website for MMYV (Marijuana MAKES You Violent).

We are a community based organization that aims to raise awareness that marijuana causes violence. We are a science based, secular, apolitical group. We are seekers of peace and truth. Don’t believe the lies put out by the media that marijuana addicts are just harmless peaceful hippies. Anyone who consumes marijuana becomes violently enraged and is capable of committing atrocious acts of violence. The toxins in the marijuana destroy the hypothalamus and amygdala, all centers of reason and rationality disappear from the brain.

We would like to thank you for visiting our site, please look around to find amazing articles that give you the truth about marijuana. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay here on our fresh new website. Feel free to send us any suggestions or requests using the Contact Us form, we love your input!

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  • Hey ganja losers, instead of getting "baked up" on crystallized hemp nuggets, why don't you just bake a nice carrot cake?
  • A hemp-free life is the only one that's worth living.
  • Scientific Fact: Marijuana smokers are the least intelligent beasts on all of planet Earth.
  • Weed is trash and dumb to smoke. It's only for losers and idiots.

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Do Not Toke Toking marijuana will result in immediate death.


Do Not Inject Injecting marijuana will result in immediate death.


Do Not Eat Eating marijuana will result in immediate death.