Our Mission

Our mission here at MMYV is very simple. We aim to raise awareness that marijuana is responsible for all of the violence on our planet, and then ultimately rid the world of its menacing presence. We will work diligently to ensure that this happens. Here is an outline of our plan.

Phase 1:

Raise awareness in the online communities of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by spreading the truth and facts about marijuana’s many negative effects on the human body and mind.

Phase 2:

Acquire funding and financial support from avid supporters and seekers of peace. This will help us influence the corrupt politicians who only care about how much money lines their pockets.

Phase 3:

Infiltrate the political realm with our message and support from our dedicated following. We will make them aware of the dangers of marijuana and how peace could easily be brought upon this world.

Phase 4:

Work hand in hand with legislative professionals to write up an amendment to the constitution that will help eliminate marijuana from the planet.

Phase 5:

Physically eliminate all traces from marijuana on the planet using various and highly advanced methods.

Phase 6:

Enjoy peace and prosperity. Our hard work will have paid off and there will no longer be a need for us.

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  • Interested to know why weed smokers are called potheads? It's because they all have the intelligence level of a ceramic garden pot.
  • Those who are right will see the light, those who are wrong will hit the bong.
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  • You're either a supporter of MMYV, or you're a terrorist. Simple as that, end of story.

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Do Not Toke Toking marijuana will result in immediate death.


Do Not Inject Injecting marijuana will result in immediate death.


Do Not Eat Eating marijuana will result in immediate death.